Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to try Remote Computer Repair?


Q. How can you fix my computer online?

A. With only your permission and through our secure and encrypted screen sharing service we are able to connect remotely to your computer thru a broadband connection such as (Cable, DSL or Satellite internet service. Step one is to call and speak to a technician so we can log on to your computer by your authorization only can we start evaluating your computer issues. Once we are log on to your computer we can analyze the level of service that will need to successfully fix your computer.

Q. How can I benefit from online computer repair?

A. Super convenient you don’t have to unhook your computer or have a stranger in your home. Next big benefit is we can fix your computer for a much better price saving you money.
Over 90% of computer issues don’t require hands on service, next you can sit and watch the technician fix your computer.

Q. What computer repairs can be done Online?

A. Many computer services can be done remotely such as…
1. Virus, spyware, malware, ad ware and rootkits can be removed.
2. Tune-Up to optimize your computer back to speeds you enjoyed.
3. Fix error, corrupted files and overall operating system problems.
4. Install software such as Office and Antivirus programs.
5. Setup printer, external hard drives and web cameras.

Q. What the requirements for Online Computer Repair?

A. You must have a working broadband connection via (Cable, DSL or Satellite internet service) Read the terms and conditions and agree with clickconnectrepair.com by digital
signature and a secure payment must be made before we begin service.

Q. What about my privacy and security?

A. The remote control session is initiated from the customers computer. Only the customer can authorize and start a session. All sessions in progress are security encrypted.

Q. How do I pay for Online Computer Repair?

A. You need to be 18yrs of age, and have a MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express Card a bank debit card is accepted as long as it has the logo of Visa or MasterCard on it.
Payments are made thru PayPal it’s not required to have a PayPal account your card will work.